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Joe Bonamassa Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 104



5.0 star rating Tvasc from Greenville, South Carolina


First time I have seen Joe B. From reading previous reviews, I was worried about the sound., and brought my earplugs... I didn't use them! Although the arena was not designed for great sound, the sound at the concert last night was great. I heard every lick that Joe played. The notes were clear and sweet. The second hour had more volume, but still clear and not overpowering. Good job Joe, thanks for coming to Greenville!

5.0 star rating Craig collier from chattanooga tn


his show was as awesome ashis recorded music. we had front row seats handicapped thanks to the fox staff.

5.0 star rating L. Storey from Los Angeles, California


One of the best blues/rock players I have ever seen ... and Ive seen just about everybody. Great venue too!

5.0 star rating from Memphis, Tennessee


Blues lovers, the guitar man was really feeling it in Memphis. JB was tearing it up. The whole band was on target and tight. My first time at the Cannon Center, seats a few under 2100, and was sold out way ahead of time. Acoustics were off the chart, beautiful place. Gotta say it was amazing, can't wait to see him again!

5.0 star rating from Des Moines, Iowa


Playing was perfect. keyboards were best I've heard. Joe explained he almost had to cancel show but powered through. (was in hospital with bronchitis 2 hours before the show) Played nonstop for 2and a half hours. Joe's playing on pretending rivaled Clapton;s. He has expanded his style and remained the best tour for guitar enthusiasts. I will see him whenever I can. Backup singers (2) were fantastic addition to the show. I wonder if they are called the Bona-mommas? theater was great sound quality wonderful. Not a show for the kiddies.

5.0 star rating Bert K. from Chicago, Illinois


Another tremendous effort and perhaps best band yet. See him every time he comes to Chicago. And every time it sets a new high. This dude was half dead and gave us 2 1/2 hours of awesomeness. Nobody like him. Keep on doing it Joe B!

5.0 star rating K Kingston from Chicago, Illinois


I saw him last year....great showman, great music. Nice man

5.0 star rating Tom from Charlotte, North Carolina


My wife and I are from Spartanburg SC, I'm a huge fan but she is not really, but she had a blast..... That's how good it was!. Not too loud, had ear plugs but didn't need them. I thought the sound was very well mixed, could hear all instruments and vocals, and that is harder to do than most people think. Bass hit really hard if you like that you would have loved it. He played a good variety of stuff I know and some I didn't, and threw in a little " Do you feel like we do"....... Niiiiiice!! He played 2 hours, and then did Hummingbird as an encore.....Only wish he could have played all night!!!

5.0 star rating Bill from Toronto, Ontario


Amazing . Never heard anything as good. I died and went to heaven

5.0 star rating Nick GUASTADISEGNI from Toronto, Ontario


After spending almost 2 1/2 hours watching JOE BONAMASSA and his Band perform at the SONY CENTRE on the 16 November 2016 , I can only say this - DO NOT MISS HIS CONCERTS. Mr BONAMASSA and his band never quit, the energy was out of this world, the talent was bar none with some of the biggest names in the industry as his band members. He is truly one of the most talented individuals at his craft and believes in committing to his audience and giving the best performance he can and boy does he deliver. He is blessed with talent, and has a good sense of humour, and knows how to surround himself with great talent. Excellent concert. -Thank-you Mr BONAMASSA and Band.

5.0 star rating from Vancouver, British Columbia


Awesome!! Sound was perfect. Joe is amazing!

5.0 star rating Carlos from Vancouver, British Columbia


Second time seeing Joe Bonamassa in Vancouver. Preferred commodore style venue. 40$ for two's high balls a bit steep. The reality is we came to see Joe and his band play. Great Canadian representation didn't miss a beat. In short I LOVED how Joe Plays his guitar like it owes him money!:-) ! A true pleasure to watch so much Soul going into his art expressed in the voice of the guitar. Enjoy the suite fire Joe. Well earned rest, until the new year.

5.0 star rating Mark W. Stern from Vancouver, British Columbia


Joe Bonamassa, came to town with a hall of fame band and just blew the audience away with his legendary guitar riffs and Blues/Rock, (think Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, BB King), you get the picture. Anton Figg,and the bassist were tight and rock steady, all star horns, piano/keys and the two back up singers were just the icing on the cake. Thank you, Mr Bonamassa and your band for an amazing performance! They are here for two more nights in a row and I'm really considering seeing them before their final show Saturday night, which incidentally will be their last show of 2018!!

5.0 star rating Dan Shambaugh from Portland, Oregon


GREAT show last night by Joe and the band - the energy never let up, and the individually showcased TALENT level of each and every band member kept sneaker-punching the audience as the show progressed. The SHREDDING skills of Bonamassa were astonishing, and his voice has can TRANSPORT the audience to the sights and sounds of dark, slow- moving backwaters, and the edgy New Orleans "Mystique" of the deep south. Bonamassa's haunting voice just keeps getting better as the years go by... and those songs STAY in your head the next day. After the first couple of songs, either my ears acclimated to the distortedly loud sound levels, or the Sound Engineer leveled the volume off. Whatever the case, it was a GREAT Birthday present (from Angela), and Joe Bonamassa. Will probably try to hit the Vancouver show now while he's on the last leg of his 2018 tour.

5.0 star rating Gloria Davis from Arlington, TX


Phenomenal guitar playing..outstanding showmanship. Band was solid..female singers were songbirds of unmatched skill.

5.0 star rating David from Cincinnati, Ohio


I read a few negative reviews about sound in Indy, (muddy, too loud, etc) so I thought I'd share my thoughts on last night's show at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati. I was just right of center on the floor, about 20 rows back. Sound was excellent. Levels were good. Not sure if the other bad experiences were due to the venue, equipment, proximity/angle to the line arrays, or other. I was really nervous after reading those reviews, but the second Joe started I was relieved and excited. As for the show, you should not expect the Royal Albert Hall setlist. Go to and you'll see what he's going to play. Giving a one-star review because he didn't cover a bunch of stuff when you can see the setlist before buying tickets is not fair to the artist, IMO. The tour is to promote his new album. I thought the show was fantastic, as did my wife who is not a rock/blues fan at all.

5.0 star rating Linda and Sean from Toronto, Ontario


Joe Bonamassa is the most talented passionate performer ever! Show was awesome! He is the ultimate blues guitarist and vocalist! First show we saw was in May of this year in Clearwater Florida it was so good we immediately bought tickets to his Toronto show November 3 and he did not dissapoint! Whenever he is around we will definately go see him play and .... do yourself a favour do the same you will not regret it

5.0 star rating Roberto Patricelli from Ottawa, Ontario


Effortless talent on guitar. Amazing talented band behind him. Big double thumbs up.

5.0 star rating Gene from Los Angeles, California


First things first. This was my 1st time seeing a concert at the Greek and have to say it's one the great venues I've ever been to. Joe Bonamassa ,being a L.A native put on very balanced and professional show and his fantastic band never missed a beat. Some Be bop,jazz,blues jazz fusion,new original tunes and some of Joe's very hot fan favorites.His crazy good version of Zeps "How Many More Times" was worth the price of admission alone.Playing a vintage Telecaster he did some mind blowing finger picking including playing the pick up on the guitar. The crescendo was something to behold a d witness. Went up on the neck ,pulled all 6 strings down and hit the wah,wah, what a beautiful sound that was!. Do yourself a favor and catch this guitar wizard and go home very happy and feeling ,,,outstanding!!

5.0 star rating JOEY GUIDRY from GALLIANO, LA.



5.0 star rating Karen Brake from Pensacola, Florida


Saw him many years ago and now have seen him 05/2018 in Pensacola and he is AMAZING. He is a guitar master - there are not enough adjectives to describe his sound/ability. The sound was wonderful and his interaction with the audience was spot on. If you have a chance to see him live GO and do it. You will love it !

5.0 star rating Mike Y. from Owego, New York


Had an amazing time. Joe and his band are loaded with talent. I was impressed that they played for so long with a break only long enough to introduce the band members . I was also surprised that he played very little of his most popular tunes. Joe can sing too! If I have any criticism, it would be that he didn't display his voice enough . But the theater was a perfect place to see him. I can't wait to see him again!!

5.0 star rating Bk jones from Providence, Rhode Island


One of the most gifted guitarist of the last 20 years.I always feel amazed and like I am receiving a gift from God. Thanks

5.0 star rating Pierre Mercier 66 and still playing from Montreal, Quebec


Had a fantastic night with my old friend Jake and the band and Joe were really solid. Nobody can do it like him as he is not just a great guitarist he is a great showman in a great super well structured show. Also congrats to his team as they are very important to all this. SEE YOU NEXT TIME AND MEANWHILE I WILL KEEP JAMMING WITH HIS TRACKS TILL I GET OLD Pierre 66

5.0 star rating Georgene Brown from Fresno , California


I've seen 4 of Joe's concerts every single one of then is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!! I had front row center at tv's Warfield theatre in San Francisco and he takes my breath away and brought happy tears, I don't get out much so this is how I treat myself. God's blessings upon you my Joe B. Your BIGGEST FAN ❤

5.0 star rating Jim from Winnipeg, Manitoba


best concert best clean sound greatest preformance hear in the peg what more can you say

5.0 star rating from Winnipeg, Manitoba


Here's my review on the Joe Bonamassa concert...or should I call him Joe BonaAWESOME! What a show...what a guitar player/singer...what a band....WOW! Jim R.

5.0 star rating Scott from Winnipeg, Manitoba


Absolutely amazing. All of the best musicians and awesome performers. Highly recommend seeing this band. It is an experience. Music, is back! (Pantages however, is not the best venue for good sound. Not to mention the overkill of amplifiers hanging from the ceiling blocks a huge part of the stage)

5.0 star rating Vincent Galante from New York, New York


Joe was great and so was the band! Great set of songs enjoyed it very much! Good job Joey!

5.0 star rating from Hartford, Connecticut


It is a great day when you can catch a live performance of a rare talent. Joe and his band gave a goosebumps level performance at a venue (Hartford Bushnell Theater) that has luckily very good acoustics which is really important. SLo Gin, Self Inflicted Wounds, and the rest of the playlist were just performed to perfection. Count on seeing me in the audience again next time you are in our area. Turning my family into Joe B fans.

5.0 star rating DonnaTarasovich from Albany, New York


I still have chills from last night being up close & watching him perform At SPAC . He is right up there with all the greatest guitarists ever. It was such an amazing experience listening to him with his incredible band . 2 hours of non stop music . Can’t get enough ! He was a 12year old kid warming up BBKing ! The thrill is NOT gone 🔥Welcome back Joe to your roots 😍 Thank you for a great night

5.0 star rating from Denver, Colorado


Joe and his top notch band put on an excellent show last night. A two hour show that only let up to introduce the band members. Joe is one of the best guitarist of our time and each member got a chance to show their talents of which they are one of the best bands you'll see. The sound was tight all night, the moon was full, and the weather was perfect. Great show that Ihighly recommend.

5.0 star rating Dr. Douglas O. Brady from Edmond, Oklahoma


Best Blues Guitar player around now. Have seen several concerts and I am a Senior Citizen. Joe is the best. If you can see him live please do so. Fingers move so fast hard to see him play. Jumped right in on time and played straight except for introducing his band members and back up singers. Guy is phenomenal. Lucky to have seen him.

5.0 star rating Al Ferraante from Middle Village N.Y.


My son and I saw him at the beacon theater on November 14 2019, great venue to showcase his phenomenal talent. No matter how old your are, you can not miss the man. If you know guitars, his collection is of the utmost. These vintage instrument's together with his god given ability to play, give you what the blues is about. Oh!, did I mention his band, well they are an outstanding set of musician's and singers.

5.0 star rating Michele from New York, New York


This was the first time Id seen Joe and Id been waiting 2 years to finally see him. Every second was spot on- a virtuoso backed up with 2 amazing singers, a fabulous crowd- showing love for Joe- terrific orchestra seats- only issue- after waiting so long to see him- I missed first 3 songs- he goes on at 8 sharp- wished the gig was longer than was.

5.0 star rating Kurt from Greenville, South Carolina


Just what I expected. Joe and the band were awesome. Sound was great too.

5.0 star rating David from Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix - Joe B was tremendous. Started on time, played approx 2 hours, newer songs, classics, changed guitars, band incredible - everyone loves Reese, even the “fill in drummer” for Anton Fig was excellent. Amazing evening. Saw him just after Gary Clark Jr - these two are carrying the blues mantle. GCJ was top notch - go see him! Back to Joe - this was a power packed show that was one of the hi-lites of my fall concerts. BUT I am going to share that I also traveled to see Joe B in San Diego at Humphries 18 months ago - he said he was injecting some country greats into that tour. Well it wasn’t some it was almost all and it was not enjoyable at all. Some people actually walked out and after the show there were a lot of shaking heads - this October show at Comerica was Redemption for Joe B and for me. His 2nd to last song in the encore on acoustic guitar was stunning - reminded me of a guitar player from the UK years ago - John Martin - one guy on an acoustic guitar opening for Yes.

5.0 star rating John S. from Columbia, South Carolina


We drove down from the mountains of NC to hear Joe Banamassa and his band mates for the first time live. The Township Auditorium has great acoustics with excellent seating. The musicianship was nearly non-stop hypnosis. The guitar is my favorite instrument to hear and Banamassa is one of the great masters of our time. And the band was hanging right there with him. Pure entertainment; more than worth the drive!

5.0 star rating Ted Mikkelsen from Columbia, South Carolina


First time I’ve seen Joe love and he did not disappoint!! I enjoyed everything about the show including the way the stage was set, the location of the band was great!! Joe is TOP SHELF!! If you have not had an opportunity to see him live, GO!!

5.0 star rating Kath Bates from San Diego, California


Saw JB in San Diego at Civic Center Theater last night. Indescribable talent!! Still surfing the rock-blues high the morning after. ♥️

5.0 star rating David from Salt Lake City, Utah


I've wanted to attend a Joe Bonamassa concert for years and finally made it. AMAZING. I sat there for 2+ hours (punctual start, single set of more than a dozen songs, fun repartee) and smiled like I just got the toy I wanted for Christmas as a five-year old. Man, this guy is talented!

5.0 star rating JOE JOE JENKS, USA from Tulsa, Oklahoma


about 150 minutes of musical performance. Top notch band. A course in Guitar Doctorate. Multiple Genre's executed faithfully. Room for the entire band to shine. No arrogance or criticism to our Town, the crowd or other artists. Genuine. A vintage guitar lover's guitarist. A big acknowledgement of the past with a lazer-focus on the present and future of performance. The light show was complimentary but not dominating. Entertaining and inspiring. The Encore began with Joe B performing solo acoustic. This was totally different than the rest of the show. A show within the show. Closed with Sloe Gin. Glad I finally went.

5.0 star rating Steve Spaulding from Indianapolis, Indiana


Joe is an all time great guitarist! He showed up with a great band and singers. Show was high energy and sometimes loud! This much talent on one stage is seldom seen in Indiana!

5.0 star rating Alt from St. Louis, Missouri


Joe's band is incredible. Everyone in the band is an incredible musician and the back up vocals were very pure. Joe's is an awesome guitarist and he brought down the house at Stifel. He is an incredible showman.

5.0 star rating Mike Mckean from Columbus, Ohio


First time I seen Joe perform and Wow! Tremendous guitarist and band and backup singers were a great addition to Joe’s mind blowing performance.

5.0 star rating Lou from Baltimore, Maryland


Joe, you are truly one of a kind! My wife and I had a wonderful time, thank you!!

4.0 star rating Jason S. from Indianapolis, Indiana


Went to see the show in Indianapolis last night. The sound was terrible. The instrument mics were too loud, and the vocal mics were too quiet. The sound was overpowering the room to the point where it was better for us to put our fingers in our ears to try to kill off the reverb. It was really disappointing to have spent all that money to see one of the few concerts I was really excited to see, and end up walking out wishing we had stayed home. Joe is one of the greatest guitarists I've ever seen. His vocals are outstanding. His stage presence was commanding. His set list was excelent (I wish he would have played "Driving towards the daylight" but you can't have then all I guess). Everything about the show was awesome... too bad the sound engineers screwed it all up.

4.0 star rating from Tucson, Arizona


5th time i've seen Joe and will always go if he's within 2 hours drive. This concert was at Tucson Music Hall--the best venue he's played in Tucson. IMO he's the best guitar player in the world--see his acoustic performances sometime if you think Satriani or SRV were better--no comparison. Biggest issue was hearing both his and backup vocals--the sound level of the bass was way too high and even overpowered some of Joe's licks--the vocal mics had to be ramped up so high to carry with the instruments that Joe's lyrics were incomprehensible. The sound boys need to take off their headphones and hear what the audience is hearing. Loud is cool; too loud is not-- the level would have been fine outdoors in a stadium but not in a 2500 seat venue. Unlike others i liked that Joe played mostly new stuff. I don't need to hear him play all the same old songs we've heard before although i must admit i would have liked to hear Drive--never get tired of that. Joe is always "don't miss" !

4.0 star rating Brian from Tucson, Arizona


I have a been playing guitar for over 36 years, so I am fairly picky when I see live shows. I have seen many of the "best" blues and rock bands that have come along, and Joe was absolutely the best show I have seen. One, I like he plays relatively small venues. Unlike many on this forum, I thought the sound at the Tucson, AZ's Music Hall was fantastic. No ear plugs, and after 2 hours my hearing was fine with no ringing! I have never had that! The sound was crisp where I was sitting (20 rows back on bottom floor). DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW if you have an opportunity. Even if he did have questionable sound engineers, he will still sound better than most other acts. He was AMAZING. Only issue I had was he didn't play hardly anything old. I am all for new material, but no Who Killed J. Henry, Dust Bowl, Slow Gin, anything. I feel he should touch the older catalog to a minor degree. Plus, he didn't play Drive off the new album. I found that odd. GREAT SHOW

4.0 star rating Linda from Kankakee


First time seeing Joe Bonamassa. It was a great evening at the historic Chicago Theatre! Even though he was struggling with bronchitiis, it was an awesome 2 1/2 hour show non stop. I will definitely see him again!

4.0 star rating Steve Ko from Fort Myers, Florida


I saw the friday nite show from row 3 orch. I was a little on the right side. Joe played a lot of Rock & r in the first part of the show. Even though there was no break, it still had a rock and roll feel. The more Bluesy stuff came toward the later part. I have seen him 3 times and i missed the slow " midnight blues "stuff. He played "how many more times " from Led Zep. in the beginning, well done, everyone was pounding on anything. Excellent. $ stars. s.m.k.

4.0 star rating Paul Hunter from Kitchener, Ontario


Great show. First four songs did not overly impress and it took them a while to clean up the sound. Great rendition of LED Zep and Jeff Beck going down. Overall a great show. Joes guitar playing does not rate at the top with Beck, Steve Vai , Satriani or even Buddy Guy for me who also have been at The Center in The Square. Good show and glad I saw him.

4.0 star rating from Kitchener, Ontario


Wow, he is amazing. Loud show, but very good. Band is top notch. Sometimes songs went on a bit too long, he was in his own world. Wish he would include DRIVE, love that song.

4.0 star rating Bert from Toronto, Ontario


Great show in Toronto at the Sony Centre. This is one of my favourite venues because it's not too big but not too small that it can't attract great musicians. There were no complaints in the sound system there as were noted in other venues for his shows. Bonamassa is an outstanding blues player. He has all the licks that the legendary Blues players had before him. Think SRV with his keyboard player, horns and female backup vocalists and that's what you get with his current tour. He plays fast, loud, slow, soft - all with great emotion. In an era where so many pop and hip hop stars entertain you without playing any musical instruments, it's so refreshing to watch someone perform who has mastered an instrument and music genre and takes his whole expression to another level. Without the help of promotion or radio play, this guy is selling out tours everywhere. He gives me a lot of faith that rock is still alive and still matters in this world

4.0 star rating Spence from Vancouver, British Columbia


Joe was fantastic, slick, focused and charismatic but unfortunately the sound tech needed to tweak the board and failed to do so. Could'nt hear his vocals very well and sometimes lost the guitar. The players on stage were amazing and the back up singers great. Overall the show was well worth seeing and I will go again. Keep on rockin it Joe !

4.0 star rating Eric from Toronto, Ontario


First time seeing Joe for me and my brothet. Only complaint is wish he'd played a bit more to his left on stage and a drum solo would have beern nice. Just discovered him this year but will definitely see him again. Just a 5 minute walk from the train station in heart of Toronto.

4.0 star rating Bob N from Los Angeles, California


All was good except ugly, BRIGHT lights that kept shining into my eyes (the audience) just as I'm trying to concentrate on Joe playing great solos - bad, avoidable distractions - yuck

4.0 star rating Ann C from Dallas, TX


We drove down from Dallas to see Joe in concert May 25. Joe, the band and singers were terrific. The sound was meh. Not sure this is a great venue for big amps. The quality of the sound was lacking. Then there was the heat. It was absolutely sweltering in the Moody. They finally turned the air on toward the end of the concert.

4.0 star rating Michelle Lane from Detroit, Michigan


Joe B is phenomenal. No questions asked. But we were so disappointed having missed the first 15 minutes because of his production company's rules regarding admittance into the FOX theater and promptly starting at 8:00 p.m. Attendees could get no further than the lobby because JB production company disallowed admittance into the main theater until a set time. Consequently there was a human traffic jam that couldn't budge because the doors remained closed until minutes before the concert. Lines outside were down the block on both sides of the FOX. The production company should have realized it was a sold out show and made accommodations to permit earlier entry. What harm is there to permit ticket holders to find their seats an hour or more before the show starts. Thank goodness the weather was nice even though it was November in Michigan. Otherwise, having to wait 45 minutes outside would have been a major bummer.

4.0 star rating Bill Turner from Cleveland, Ohio


While Joe is a truly gifted guitarist, he underutilizes his equally gifted voice. The guitar riffs seemed to run togather and after a while sounded alike. More vocals, less instrumentals, please

4.0 star rating Joan Jones from Rancho Mirage, California


I just saw Joe Bonamassa in concert at the Aqua Caliente theater. Beautiful theater, I loved my seat! And Joe is awesome, everyone on stage is so talented! I love him, I love his music, but I must express two things. First, I really think the sound was way too loud! Their voices and his quitars sounded distorted, not to mention my hearing! 2nd, I love when he plays his acoustic guitars, I think he should divide his concerts, half electric and half acoustic, that way we get to see his talent on both! I still love him, just way too loud!!

4.0 star rating Linda from Seattle, Washington


Saw him on Thursday, 12th and loved the show. But disappointed that the huge speakers blocked the band and him at times. Didn’t need all that sound in the small Moore. Too loud.

4.0 star rating Tom H. from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Joe and the band played flawlessly last night and really put on a great show. They are truely talented. We sat in the mezzanine and could see the show very well. Only 4 stars because of the crazing white lights that would come on and blind the audience at times. Would have loved some more older material but that's personal preference and not the band's fault. Great job guys and thanks for coming to Hershey!

4.0 star rating Cam from Seattle, Wa.


Flew to Oakland just for this show. First time seeing Joe. While I enjoyed the show, I was disappointed in the set list. Only a couple songs from Redemption (only one of my favorites). Wish he'd play more of his blues songs like, Midnight Blues, I 'll play the blues for you etc. I have tickets for the Seattle show March 2020. Hopefully it will be a different set list.

4.0 star rating Stan Cunningham from Nashville, Tennessee


I love blues/rock. I've seen Bonamassa before and looked forward to seeing him again at the Ryman. As soon as he started it was high gear and the sound quality was terrible. I sat thru the first several songs wondering if I'd make it to the end. And then.... When Joe introduced Kenny Wayne Shepherd, everything clicked. Sadly, KWS only joined in on one song, which was amazing, but the audio team finally figured it out and all the songs after that were much better quality. I am amazed at the talent of Joe B. He's on a level all by himself. But, for me, I'll take the raw energy of KWS anyday!! Great show though. I'd do it again.

4.0 star rating Jason Overman from San Antonio, TX


Joe ALWAYS puts on a great show. His guitar work is peerless, and the band he brings is always top-notch. Missed Anton Figg on drums this time, but the replacement drummer was decent. The back-up "doo-wop" singers were outstanding, and a mid-set "solo" by one of them simply crushed it. I was a bit disappointed that only 4 of his older hits made it into the set list. They bracketed about 6 songs that were off his last 2 albums. I'm not quite as fond of his new album. To me it feels like a well-worn path that gets a bit boring, and the lyrics (to me) are a bit basic, repetitive (you'll know the song) and uninspired. That said, his solos in each of the songs were delicious. One problem that really needs fixing (last 3 concerts I've seen of his) the bass was overdriven, and the mix in general too loud for the venue. I wish they cranked down the amps so each part of the band could be enjoyed. I truly loved the acoustic sets he does, because you can relish the details, unlike most of his concerts.

3.5 star rating R. Griswold from Charlotte, North Carolina


I love Joe Bonamassa and went to his concert at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, NC on Nov 12, 2013. Joe and the band played their hearts out for two hours. However, the folks in the mixing booth were terrible. Many of the songs were way too loud. I could hardly hear most of Joe's vocals. The mixing people need to go back to school or someone needs to fire them.

3.0 star rating Don Schuepbach from San Antonio, Texas


R. Griswold Wrote the perfect review in November 2013. The San Antonio show last night started off great. The first hour was well done and we could hear and enjoy. Then the show ramped up during the electronic portion power, power, power and a muddled sound really taking away from the enjoyment of the experience.....Sound board help IS DRASTICALLY needed. I mean anyone who has knowledge of sound knows that loudness and volume are two separate animals. I would never fault a show where a performer pours his heart out for two and half hours but there was a problem with the production and it seems to to ongoing. DON'T STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOW JOE B. IS WORTH THE MONEY TO SEE HIM!

3.0 star rating John from Toronto, Ontario


This is the 3rd time I've seen Joe. This was the least entertaining. First the acoustics were off. You could barely here the backup singers, bass guitar, or brass over Joe playing his guitar. Then throughput the show the volume got louder to the point it was almost painful. The guitar work was still outstanding and a pleasure to listen too. I also wish he would have played some of his earlier work. This would have made the show more palatable. To me the worst was the Zeppelin cover. He has more than a dozen albums it was dumb to play a Zeppelin cover for your closing song before the encore. I came to hear Joe not Zep.

3.0 star rating Dana from Vancouver, British Columbia


Expected a better sound. Too loud and could not hear vocals. Guitars and band - very good performance!

3.0 star rating Billy Bob from Vancouver, British Columbia


Sadly, this highly anticipated show was mediocre at best. The band, smoking hot players. Joe, a technical genius with great, soulful vocals. The sound, well, stunk and I was right behind the mixing board. I thought I had a problem with my ears and they needed a song or two to adjust. Nope. My main issue was that the bass player was way too loud for about 70% of the concert. Also, during certain songs the show was just too loud. (This theatre holds about 3000). During many songs there seemed to be a sonic fight between the Hammond organ, the bass player and Joe's guitars. Joe lost every time except during solo's which were excellent. As usual, the back up singers were excellent but you couldn't hear them for about 50% of the show. I was also disappointed by the lack of on stage chemistry between the band. This made it seem to me like a Vegas show that musicians play night after night just focusing on playing their part. For a $130 ticket, the sound needs to be much better than that

3.0 star rating Rich Jazdzewski from Carmel, Californina


11/23/18 Long Beach: The person/s responsible for the sound must have turned the volume nob to 11 and left for the evening. What a disservice to Joe and his talented, veteran band, not to mention the audience. Joe's lyrics were nearly impossible to hear, or understand. A six-hour drive, both ways, and two nights in a hotel for our first Bonamassa concert left our expectations unfulfilled. The music ( did I mention LOUD,?) we heard at the concert wasn't even close to that on Joe's well-mixed DVDs such as "Live at the Greek Theater", or Amsterdam. Joe is the most talented guitarist on the planet and we intend to attend more of his concerts - we'll just limit them to outdoor venues. In the meantime we'll continue buying and listening to Joe's CDs and DVDs.

3.0 star rating Pat Lindgren from Los Angeles, California


we have gone to see Joe 5 previous times>every show was fantastic, until last night.the first 3 songs were way to load and no balance between instruments and singing.after that balance was restored but still to load for a inside venue.just turned down about 10 % would have been prefect.

3.0 star rating Jack from Portland, Oregon


The bass was set so loud by the sound guys that I was unable to clearly hear the lyrics, the horns, the drums... yes the drums and the back-up singers. The bass got louder as the night progressed. I had in ear plugs which muffled most of the high end sound, thus ruining the music. Paid a premium for tickets and the sound techs ruined the performance. All of those in my group had the same complaint. It was a horrible experience over all. Joe was fantastic as were all the band members. But the sound techs were crap. We could only imagine what a decent mix would have been like.

3.0 star rating Mark from Buffalo, New York


Was way too loud couldn't understand the lyrics, disappointing

3.0 star rating Gilbert from Buffalo, New York


The only person to truly enjoy this truly wonderful band was the man paid to be there , the sound man sitting under his headphones . The fans who paid to go to shea's got tortured. I have traveled from Welland ON to Beverly Hills to hear Buddy Guy. Would I travel 18 miles to see him at Shea's? Probably not because I want pleasant memories of Buddy and Joe

3.0 star rating FR Weidman from Austin, Texas


I have been looking forward to seeing this guitar legend for weeks.. We had great seats and it started well...WOW that guy can sure play !! I was not sure if it was just me, but after the 4th or 5th song, I'm dripping with sweat and sticking to my seat. A brief reprieve to the bar was small conciliation. Dang it was hot and we retreated to the confines of a cooler venue. This was really disappointing and out of character for the Moody. The curious part is several ushers and management told myself and others, The artist requested this temperature setting.

3.0 star rating from Houston, Texas


Been to 100s of concerts and as much as I love JB the sound system at this show was a great big disappointment. The show was good but for theirs prices the sound should be clear and crisp. Enjoyed show but not as much as much as others I have seen. Playing loud alone does not do it for me anymore. When I was young and stoned maybe. Today not.

3.0 star rating Mike Warshauer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I saw the August 27th show at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee. Poor mixing at the sound board and way over the top with sound level. I paid to hear the subtlety of this world class bluesman and his voice. He was drowned out too many times by the other musicians. Didn't care for the 3 backup vocalists. Their noise did not fit well at all with Joe's musical style. lastly, needed to hear some of his great early stuff. No doubt the greatness is there, but it appears he is trying to do too much. Still would highly recommend seeing him

3.0 star rating from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Joe always puts on an awesome performance, but the sound engineers need to fix the levels so that the audience can hear comfortably. The sound was too loud for this theater. I could hardly hear Joe's vocals. My wife had to keep her fingers in her ears to be comfortable. This level may be good for a larger venue or outdoors, but not in this size auditorium. I'm glad I got a chance to see him, but did not enjoy the concert too much,

3.0 star rating Randy Hunt from Louisville, Kentucky


First, I am a huge fan. Joe is amazing. However, and I understand part of the problem could be location, but what were they listening to on the mixer board? The bass was so overwhelming. At times is was just a gut wrenching roar. There were only a few times the backup vocals were even mildly audible. Same for Joe--impossible to follow the lyrics and I know several of the songs. I recorded video and using my own controls was able to improve the mix.

3.0 star rating Tom Mis from Louisville, Kentucky


Way, way too loud. We follow Joe around the country and the last three shows have been loud to the point of painful. He sounds so much better when you can hear everyone, not just the bass and distortion. He's the best. We had trouble understanding songs that we have memorized. Please Joe....turn it down from 10 to about 7 or 8.

2.0 star rating Robert from Toronto, Ontario


Enjoyable concert but disappointed Joe didn't play "any" older familiar material like Just Got Paid, Django, John Henry etc.

2.0 star rating S.Thompson from Los Angeles, California


11/23/18 The sound reinforcement was terrible or The Terrace Theater acoustics were terrible. The entire concert was muddy. Couldn’t hear the back up singers, the words to the songs, or the leads well. I know Joe can do better. Waste of money. Too bad. Didn’t the engineers hear this? Blahhh.

2.0 star rating Scott from Bellingham, Washington.


Would have thought the sound in the Queen E. Theater would have been better. Seemed muddy and disproportionate to the drum set. Had to struggle to hear the entirety of Joe's solos. Not sure if that is on the Bonamassa crew or the Theater crew. Was also quite disappointed in the song selection. I know new music is important to keep the train rolling. But the train began through the energy provided by those songs, such as Slow Gin, Mountain Time, John Henry, and Dust Bowl. I even thought I would hear the title song Redemption from his new album. I have been a big fan for the last 6-7 years, thanks to PBS, You Tube, and Pandora. But I only heard two songs I knew of in the 2+ hours he generously played. Although his skill and talent was definitely on full display last night, he's still the best, I left the theater sadly disappointed. Tickets cost too much anymore, and this may likely have been my one shot to see him. Maybe I can get some redemption in Red Rocks some day.

2.0 star rating Lynn Norris from Arlington, Texas


I love Joe B. He is a monster player and the band was great. However, whoever ran the sound board needs fired. You could barely hear any vocals because the band was way too loud. Learn how to run a proper mix!

2.0 star rating Randy from Columbus, Ohio


Been waiting for years to see Joe. Clearly an awesome guitar player but very dissapointed with the set that was played. No Midnight Blues or other classic blues tunes he plays, not what I expected to see and hear. I still have a raging headache.

2.0 star rating Gary Robinson from Toronto, Ontario


I was really looking forward to this concert after having seen the Royal Albert Hall show on DVD. The Saturday show at the Sony Centre in Toronto was NOT even close in entertainment value. After 3 songs it became just more of the "same ol' blues" and very boring. When he came out to do the encore (thank goodness it's almost time to leave) he actually said that maybe it would be a good idea to play something the audience knows. This whole evening was just a plug for his latest album... sad really that such a gifted and diverse guitarist would just choose to "phone it in". The only reason I stayed to the end - Anton on drums & Marcel on keyboards. The only song I really enjoyed was "How many more times" - the Zeppelin cover. How many more times will I go see Joe Egomassa ? ........ NONE.

2.0 star rating STEPHEN walsh from Boston, Massachusetts


Joe is a great talent. But noise from amps not adjusted to hear vocals 50% of Joe is better than no Joe Check out u tube Joe concerts. For whole pkg.

2.0 star rating Craig from Atlanta, Georgia


What could have been music magic was totally overshadowed by sound engineers overpowering the venue. Every sound was amplified to a point where nothing was distinguishable. Vocals were lost, leads were lost, background instruments were lost. I was disappointed. Maybe the general public loved the thumping, rhythm heavy vibe but I can't help thinking that Joe's artistry with the guitar was lost due to the mix and the desire to keep turning up the volume.

2.0 star rating Ramando from Denver, Colorado


Millions of sixteenth notes from his strings, but the music lacked flow, cohesion, and inspiration. The sound was loud and lacked separation of all musicians. The keyboards said Roland, but sounded like Casio. Almost never heard the backup singer because she was drowned out. I hoped to be overwhelmed by a guitar virtuoso, but was overwhelmed by noise. Clearly others liked it. I would rather listen to El Javi at the local bar.

1.0 star rating Len Wilson from Goshen, Indiana


Joe plays with intensity and I liked his performance. Unfortunately, it was so loud that we hardly heard any words all night, and our whole body vibrated from the amplification. I would have left if we didn't have ear plugs. I heard comments from other people about the sound like "I'll talk to you in 2 days when I can hear again".

1.0 star rating Len Wilson from Anytown, AT 55555


Murat Theatre in Indianapolis

1.0 star rating James Armstrong from Mississauga, Ontario


I love joe bonamassa and really looked forward to seeing him. Paid lots to go. I was ready to leave after the first song. I waited thinking somebody would notice the sound quality. But after 35 minutes . Nothing happened. I had to leave. When my old poor quality home stereo sounds better than the sony center somethings wrong . Very Very disappointed

1.0 star rating Tom Lanane from San Francisco, CA


Eschews drone farming for endless ramparts of merciless 6 and 12 bombastic collages. Teeming aside the void of fretless hollows, intersections of kebobing, mangled shoots arrive ferociously on peeling planes of unlikely scripts. So unlikely as to be wreckful and marveled in sonic nature, plowing aside predetermined eclectic natural mating. Scrubbing furrows of both orthodox and impatient scrubland of scars tripping overnight into moatland shells. Endless applauds.

1.0 star rating Jimmy Barber from Indianapolis, IN


Has yet to grasp the age old standard that substance is the treasure over style. He gallops wildly in the frenetic attempt to amuse ... himself as much as the holy on their knees. Earning a viceroy's indulgence in pyrotechnics, he'll meet himself wandering as the host of music gradually embraces him in his scorched earth deliberations. Would be interesting to witness 60 looking back at 40.

1.0 star rating Al nelson from west hempstead ny


treat yourself to a great night of high energy music for a price that won't break the bank.have a signed picture with joe that was taken at bb kings.his hard work over the years has proven he is one of the best. thank you joe and the great band behind you for a great night.

1.0 star rating Jim Clark from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


There were very few great parts to the show. The keyboards and Joe’s guitar competed for clarity and there was none. Most of the show the music was muddled and the vocals were as well. There were very few instances of what JB does the best and that is play lead guitar. The songs seemed to be lengthened with many repetitive verses repeating themselves way to long. In short, make the songs drag on so as to decrease the amount of songs in the show? What a complete disappointment. The venue The Au Rene Theater clearly out shined Joe Bonamassa’s show. To think I have tickets for the show in two days in Ft. Myers as well...... I’ll be selling them for sure.

1.0 star rating Larry from Colorado Springs. CO


The mix for this show was less than amateur. It was horrible. We sat right next to the sound engineer, where it should sound the best. In spite of our 'good' location, the sound was a muddy, indistinct, mess. Not one instrument could be clearly discerned when the full band played. Only when the majority of the instruments dropped out was there any semblance of clarity. The bass was indistinct even on its own. Any note played by Joe below D above middle C had a nasty, brutal resonance. The vocals were buried most of the show. The horns and keys were always too dominant in the mix, which I hate to call a mix since nothing was indeed mixed properly. Could have been a great wasn't. I feel ripped off and want my money back.

1.0 star rating DRC from Peoria, Illinois


By far the worst concert and sound quality (LOUD) I have ever been to. Not to mention the drunk idiot that would not shut up behind us. I will never go to another Bonomassa concert ever, and/or another civic center concert again.

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